Bluetooth Profile Interface Driver Asus

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Bluetooth Profile Interface Driver Asus

This article contains one or more incomplete lists which may never be bluetooth Profile Interface Driver Asus to satisfy particular standards for completeness. A Bluetooth profile is a specification regarding an aspect of Bluetooth-based wireless communication between devices. While the profile may use certain features of the core specification, specific versions of profiles are rarely tied to specific versions of the core specification. 5 implementations using both Bluetooth 2.

The way a device uses Bluetooth technology depends on its profile capabilities. The profiles provide standards which manufacturers follow to allow devices to use Bluetooth in the intended manner.

For the Bluetooth low energy stack according to Bluetooth 4. 0 a special set of profiles applies. Specific parts of the Bluetooth protocol stack used by the profile. To perform its task, each profile uses particular options and parameters at each layer of the stack.

This may include an outline of the required service record, if appropriate. This article summarizes the current definitions of profiles defined and adopted by the Bluetooth SIG and possible applications of each profile. A2DP for remote control on devices such as headphones, car audio systems, or stand-alone speaker units. Each A2DP service, of possibly many, is designed to uni-directionally transfer an audio stream in up to 2 channel stereo, either to or from the Bluetooth host.

This profile relies on AVDTP and GAVDP. ATRAC, and is extensible to support manufacturer-defined codecs, such as aptX.

In these cases, it is impossible to connect certain A2DP headphones for high quality audio. The ATT is a wire application protocol for the Bluetooth Low Energy specification. Bluetooth Special Interest Group aimed at novel applications in the healthcare, fitness, beacons, security, and home entertainment industries. Compared to Classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart is intended to provide considerably reduced power consumption and cost while maintaining a similar communication range.

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This profile is designed to provide asus standard interface to driver TVs, Hi-fi equipment, etc. V equipment to which a bluetooth interface access. It may be used profile concert with A2DP or VDP.

It is commonly used in car navigation systems to control streaming Bluetooth audio. It also has the possibility for vendor-dependent extensions.

3 — all of 1. 4 — all of 1.

5 — all of 1. 6 — all of 1. Support for transmitting cover arts through the BIP over OBEX protocol—For example, this profile is used in Fitbit Blaze watch to control music. This profile is designed for sending images between devices and includes the ability to resize, and convert images to make them suitable for the receiving device.

Allows the sending of images from a device the user controls. Allows the browsing and retrieval of images from a remote device. Allows the automatic backup of all the new images from a target device. For example, a laptop could download all of the new pictures from a camera whenever it is within range.


Allows the initiator to remotely use a digital camera. For example, a user could place a camera on a tripod for a group photo, use their phone handset to check that everyone is in frame, and activate the shutter with the user in the photo. Allows the initiator to push images to be displayed on another device.

For example, a user could give a presentation by sending the slides to a video projector. It differs from HCRP in that it needs no printer-specific drivers. This makes it more suitable for embedded devices such as mobile phones and digital cameras which cannot easily be updated with drivers dependent upon printer vendors. This provides unrestricted access to the services, data and signalling that ISDN offers.


This is designed for cordless phones to work using Bluetooth. It is hoped that mobile phones could use a Bluetooth CTP gateway connected to a landline when within the home, and the mobile phone network when out of range.