Virtualbox Bridged Networking Driver

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I just upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and found that I am unable to start Virtualbox VMs configured with a bridged adapter. Network connections on Windows and highlight both the real adapter and the new virtual ethernet adapter that you just created. Where you put the ip? I can set a IP in the same LAN or I must be set the same IP of the bridge connection?

The gateway is the IP address of the router? I think this may have solved it for me. Host Only isn’t the same as Bridged Adapter: virtualbox.

No network works for me on VB 5. Install the latest Virtual box 5.

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  • I have got this problem.
  • This didn’t work for 5.
  • Didn’t fix mine and it is 2017.
  • Does not solve the problem .

Properties: in Properties dialog box: switch to «Compatibility» tab, under «Compatibility mode» section, select the check box next to: «Run this program in compatibility mode», make sure «Windows 8» is selected in combo box. I have the same issue, I tried your solution but without success.

I tried compatibility mode with Windows 8 to no avail. I sure hope they get this issue resolved, it is not convenient to have to reboot my PC every time the virtual machine network isn’t working properly! My Windows 10 machine was automagically updated today. And the Network adapter settings looked good.

I can’t see the original source in this thread, although I would like to. I am using these instructions with a laptop that upgraded from windows 8 to windows 10. I have to repeat the last instructions after rebooting.

I have test an get solution for my self and want to share my solution. Open «CMD», you can use search bar to get this, Right Click and Select Run as Administrator run command «regsvr32.

Virtualbox Bridged Networking Driver

Host On Network select edit change ip to 192. Hope this will work for you too. This work for me on windows 2008 r2 ent with virtualbox 5. My very simple solution that worked: select another networkcard!

Virtualbox Bridged Networking Driver

Change the Adapter Type to another adapter. Start your guest and check if you got a decent IP for your network.


If it doesn’t work, repeat steps and try yet another network adapter. The very basic PCnet adapters have a high succes-rate. Uninstall then run the setup program again but this time as Administrator.

Make sure the VB bridge driver is selected during installation. This is not working, not helping and takes a long time to do.

This works for my case. As pointed by this post, forums.

Daniel any chance of an upvote then please? What do you call a long time?

Compared to time spent troubleshooting and trying some of the other suggestions here that doesn’t seem like a «long time» to me! Caltor, I tried this way, it solved my problem.

VB bridge driver should be selected during installation. If you don’t have «. I had this issue not only on my machine but on many hosts, and this certificate fixed the issue.

Khalil’s but I attched to ‘Bridged Adapter’ instead of ‘Host-only Adapter’. Here is more detail with screenshots. Go to your net card. Thank you for your interest in this question.

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