Xbox One Controller Drivers

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Xbox One Controller Drivers

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is easily one of the most comfortable, versatile — and expensive — gamepads on the market. The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller came as surprise xbox One Controller Drivers it was first announced. Microsoft wanted to put out there after the Xbox One’s slow start out of the gate.

It’s expensive, extravagant and perhaps most useful for only a small niche of the Xbox community i. Microsoft was trying to avoid when it rebranded the Xbox One from a next-level gaming machine on par with PCs to the more affordable, all-in-one entertainment center we see today. But despite what the lavish, pro-only price suggests, the controller has a universal appeal that anyone — from the tier-one Call of Duty players to the casual Peggle kings — can enjoy. The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is easily the most comfortable controllers on the market, with rubberized grips, a cool-to-the-touch finish and stainless steel components that can be swapped out to suit your needs.

Add to that a slew of paddles located on the back of the controller that can be assigned the function of any face button and a set of reinforced hair triggers that can be programmed and physically set to different sensitivity levels and you have the makings of a great gamepad. Best of all, it works on PCs running Windows 7 or higher — including, of course, Windows 10.

Drivers for PC release on October 27 which, unsurprisingly, coincide nicely with the recent release of the Xbox One Controller Wireless Adapter. For the first six hours with the controller I pored over every detail trying to find something that didn’t live up to the price tag. But after the six hours passed I hadn’t found anything that annoyed me that couldn’t either be swapped out, recalibrated or reprogrammed. Hold it in your hands for a minute and you’ll instantly feel the big changes over the standard Xbox One pad.

It’s heavier by far, and more comfortable too thanks to the rubberized grip and amazingly smooth matte finish. There are three magnetic interchangeable parts on the face of the controller — the d-pad and the two thumbsticks. The standard sticks are the concave rubber pads you might know and love already on the Xbox One, but other options include convex PS3-style sticks or extra long, arcade-style pieces if those are more your thing.

The arcade-style sticks are excellent for fighting games, by the way. The other interchangeable part, the d-pad, comes in two flavors: a standard cross or the new 360-degree «solar panel» design. I found the former more comfortable than the latter, but I could see the latter coming in handy, too.

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  • The six other face buttons — share, menu, A,B,XY — aren’t any different than their standard controller counterpart with the exception of their color: they’re all jet black.
  • Spin the controller around and things get more interesting.
  • There you’ll find the four aforementioned paddles, aptly named P1, P2, P3 and P4.
  • At first I thought they might interfere with how I usually grip the controller — like most gamers I place pressure on the wings with my palms and three outside fingers — and for a few irritating seconds when I first started using the controller that’s exactly what happened.
  • But Microsoft has given this controller real thought, and have left no stone unturned.
  • If you don’t like the paddles, you can either remove them from the controller or simply disable them by pressing the sync button at the top of the controller twice.

You’ll also find the rubberized grip xbox, as well as lock mechanisms for the triggers that allow you to halve the press of the right and left trigger buttons. The last feature worth noting is that it comes packed with a USB cable to connect it to your PC and two AA batteries. I found it slightly insulting that Microsoft controller’t include one play and charge kit with each Elite, but that’s more of a personal issue than anything wrong with the controller itself. Overall, the design drivers one that is incredibly well thought-out.

Xbox One Controller Drivers

Some benefited immensely from the controller while others merely felt more comfortable than usual. As you might expect the Elite was a major boon in first-person shooters. Halfing the distance on the right trigger allowed me to shoot non-automatic weapons faster, and crouching became quicker once I mapped it to one of the paddles on the back. Likewise, racing games like Forza Horizon 2 became more dynamic experiences using the Elite controller, and left me salivating for Forza Motorsport 6.

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That said, I didn’t find the controller to be particularly advantageous in every genre. Besides a longer left stick, I saw no reason fighting games could be made any better using the hardware. And the same went for sports games like Madden, FIFA or NHL.

Xbox One Controller Drivers

Of course one size didn’t fit all when xbox One Controller Drivers came to the paddle buttons and stick sensitivity. To that end Microsoft is releasing an Xbox Accessories app that will allow you to set up custom profiles for your controller.

Options in the app include changing the left and right thumbstick sensitivity from a linear speed to an exponential one and decreasing the time it takes for the triggers to respond to your touch. You’ll also use the app to assign functions to the paddles. It’s on this screen that I found my first disappointment. The Xbox Accessories App doesn’t allow you to program a string of buttons to the paddles — a huge disappointment if you play fighting games and like to have a few combos up your sleeve when things get dicey.

Xbox One Controller Drivers

In the beta version of the software used for review testing, Microsoft already included preset options for its biggest fall releases: Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Halo 5: Guardians and Forza Motorsport 6. The controller can save two profiles at a time, and switching between them is as simple as moving a slider on the face of the controller. If you need more than two apps at any given time you’ll need to return to the Accessories app, however, I never found myself playing more than two games in any one gaming session. Admittedly the app’s biggest problem is that navigation so far feels cumbersome.


Besides the four face buttons and two bumpers there’s almost nothing permanent about this controller. This fact hurts more when you consider the one function that highly invested gamers could really benefit from — macros — was nowhere to be found. It’s smarter, sleeker and more versatile than the standard gamepad, and despite the pro moniker will appeal to gamers of all skill levels.

195 is too much to spend on a controller the Elite won’t change your mind. If the decision comes down to buying this or three new titles around the holidays, you should probably go for the extra games. But if you have the financial wherewithal to back purchases like these without losing sleep over it, the Elite Wireless Controller will help you find a newfound love for controllers and the science behind them.

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A decade ago the controller was a definitive line separating PC gamers from their console brethren. PC gamers used keyboards, console gamers used controllers, and there was very little overlap between the two. Let us take a look at how both of these controllers have evolved from their predecessors, and then we will compare them to each other to see which might be the best controller.


Not all devices are equal. There are some things you need to know before deciding between wired or wireless. Sometimes wireless is a no-brainer — or it could be the worst move you make. We’ll walk you through all the different ways that you can connect your controller to your system.

If you need help connecting your controller or have any methods to share, please let us know in the comments below. The method you choose will depend on whether or not you want to go wireless and what type of controller you have. You’ll need to do this whenever you need to charge your controller. Simply plug the USB cable into your computer and then plug the other end into the front of your controller.

A connection will be established and charging will instantly begin. This may have come with your controller, but you can also buy it separately.