Xmos Stereo USB Audio Class2 Driver

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Xmos Stereo USB Audio Class2 Driver

Product-related news items of general interest should be accompanied by a formal press release with basic descriptions, finish options, pricing, a photo 598px or wider and a valid web link. Event news should have venue, date, ticket and registration information xmos Stereo USB Audio Class2 Driver a logo and website link.

We only publish product news on items you can actually buy now. Joscho’s Stefan’s ‘After you’ve gone’. The speakers will come in their original packaging and currently reside in Ireland. Mint condition, very attractive pricing.

May be picked up or shipped. Also available is his Fore Audio DAISy1 tube-buffered DAC. Our new driver has an enhanced even more powerful motor assembly. Additional new coatings for its membrane make the sound even richer and deeper.

These Magus driver units are available in black or gold finishes. Its unique features are three different MC plus one MM circuit all in one box to freely switch between Sowter MC transformers, MC op-amp, MC tube and MM tube.

November 2017 — Cloned oppo research — Funjoe of Hong Kong-based Clones Audio just introduced his Oppo UDP-205 drop-in linear power supply upgrades . Installation can easily be done by screw driver in 10 to 15 minutes. November 2017 — Research your audio — Audio Research bow their new auto-biased VT80SE stereo power amplifier .

It upgrades the predecessor’s KT120 output tubes to the ovoid more powerful KT150 but is otherwise visually indistinguishable. November 2017 — Polish your interface — Francisco J Vizcaya of QHW Audio in Spain introduces The Box, «a hifi enhancer device» whose description can be found here. It appears to be an active impedance coupler built around a discrete opamp which also adds 6dB of voltage gain. November 2017 — Clamp down on cable jitters — Furutech’s NCF Booster is promoted as a performance-enhancing connector and cable holder.

This adjustable accessory is made from «ABS resin and NCF nylon resin to eliminate static charge whilst the top clamp is stainless steel. November 2017 — Amp up your streaming with quadral’s Aurum A10S . File support is for . November 2017 — Cannery Row, Shinola — Detroit firm Shinola bow their Canfield Headphone Collection with four models — over-ear, on-ear and two in-ears.

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Xmos Stereo USB Audio Class2 Driver

5mm Beryllium dynamic for 104dB and 16. November 2017 — Dutch phono booster — Akiko Audio’s little black box is xmos Stereo USB Audio Class2 Driver to reduce the ultrasonic noise traveling down the fragile phono cable caused by power contamination. This applies the company’s proven noise-attenuating addresses of AC and ground purifiers to vinyl playback by connecting the Phono Booster to a phono stage’s or turntable’s ground post. Allnic Audio present new or revised models.

It too incorporates Allnic’s oil-clutched precision motorized attenuator with discrete resistors. The L-8000 transformer-coupled class A zero-feedback DHT preamplifier uses an exclusively direct-heated triode signal path from input to output and offers a constant 120Ω output impedance with tubed-based voltage regulation. There are just two active gain stages. There is no negative feedback, no coupling capacitor and gain devices are four E810F pentodes.

November 2017 — 8mmaudiolabs — Donatas Tamošiūnas presents his new Lithuanian brand and its first two models — the 3-way Piu loudspeakers shown and the Piu Mini 2-way monitor. The side walls are finished in an ecological multi layered composite which provides the highest scratch and heat resistance as well as highest gloss and reflection level. A vertical waveguide carved into the solid oak baffle «broadens the ideal listening area with improved 3D imaging and clarity.

Reduced horizontal coverage minimises wall reflections. There also are custom silver connectors, custom copper inductors and a silver-trace PCB.

3dB, 92dB sensitivity and a minimum 5-ohm impedance. Filter hinges sit at 250Hz and 2’000Hz and the drivers are a 1″ compression tweeter, 6. Available finishes are gloss black and white. MAC or PC and stream files. A special auto-sensing line input and 5V power supply provide for seamless integration of Amazon Echo or Google Cast audio adaptors.

The standard version features an aluminum tonearm and Ortofon OM10 cartridge. 1’199 Carbon Edition adds a carbon fiber tonearm and upgrades the cartridge to an Ortofon 2M Red. A bi-amplified 100-watt built-in speaker system rounds out this all-in-one device.

November 2017 — Gryphon go pointy — As far back as 1989, Gryphon have offered resonance control accesories by way of the Black Spikes and Square One platform. Gryphon Atlas Spikes create an evacuation path between the equipment and outside world.

By acting as mechanical diodes, they conduct energy in one direction only and block it the other way. They include M4 screw threads for easy mounting under loudspeakers and adhesive pads for carefully balanced placement under audio components regardless of total weight.